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Tim Otto & Free Ride -Double Single

So the new CD is done! - It’s an EP of some recent compositions – just 4 tracks - short and sweet. You can buy the CD here:







Free Ride will be on the Rockaway Beach Boardwalk, at the
Low Tide Bar - Sunday June 2nd. 6-10pm 
for an early summer outdoor hit, with special guest Sean Moran on guitar.. and its Free.


Free Ride is sort of my catchall for band size these days, and I’ve been working with this trio version over the last couple of years. It features yours truly on tenor, the legendary Simon Chardiet on bass, and John Bollinger on drums. Simon is one of the hardest working musicians I know, an awesome guitarist and bassist who crosses genres with ease. And John is a one of my favorite drummers; creative, nuanced, and he lays down a sweet groove. And the CD features incredible artwork from artist Susan Graham, practically worth the purchase price alone..

It’s been awhile since I released anything, so I’m glad this music is finally out there. And yeah, it’s more to add to the avalanche of new music that’s released every day; the sheer volume of great music and new artists these days is pretty much impossible to keep up with, which is a good thing; I’m always discovering artists and new material that sometimes I can’t believe I missed - online, through friends, or on the radio. I guess I’m old school, or new old school, or whatever, but I still listen to the radio and play CD’s, and I’m probably what you'd call a lurker on social media.

So you can listen and stream on all the main platforms; Apple Music, Spotify, (search for ' Tim Otto & Free Ride') etc, but there's nothing like having a physical copy - so get it from CD Baby, or directly from me. I’m selling the 4 track CD for $6 with free shipping, (in the US) 

And for $10,  I’ll throw in another CD release of mine from a few years back; The Pink Noise Saxtet – the Jig Is Up. (Recorded live at the Knitting Factory in the 90’s, it features a stellar lineup including Michael Blake, Peck Allmond, Andy Laster and Briggan Krauss on saxes, plus Dom Richards and Aaron Alexander on drums.)

So 2 CD's for $10 I think is a pretty good deal - Get in touch if you want to buy em, and I’ll get them to you. So I hope to see you either at a gig, or somewhere else.. And if you're around NY in summer,  come out to Rockaway Beach for a visit. It's always a great hang, and a different and weird world than the rest of the city anytime of year...

Best, Tim








So I'm a Sax & Woodwind player, arranger, composer, & teacher based in NYC. In my travels I've worked all over the globe - playing concerts and festivals in Europe, the US, Asia and Australia, but one career highlight has to be playing in the remote Star Mountain highlands of Papua New Guinea 900 miles from the nearest road, at an arts festival with 30 different local tribes including Marlboro smoking mud men and (alleged) cannibals who'd never seen a saxophone. Look me up on Instagram and/or Facebook for the latest gig dates and venues.

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