I've been teaching music to students of all ages for over 30 years.  I've had literally hundreds of students; as private students in schools and in the studio, and as band members of Big Bands, Jazz Ensembles, Concert Bands and Chamber groups. I've been the band and instrumental music director at the Trevor Day School in Manhattan since 1992 and I'm I'm so proud that many of my students have gone on music colleges and careers in music, playing in bands, studios, gigging and touring, etc.

I try to instill the love and excitement that I have for music in all of my students. Learning music is not easy, and it takes patience, passion, perseverance and practice. I work with each individual to tailor and work on a course of study that's engaging and challenging, and work to improve instrumental skills, develop improvising, music reading, and to gain a deeper understanding of music theory which ties everything together.  And at the same time, arguably the most important thing of all; to find the right material to play and work on that's going to motivate and inspire creativity and expression.

The 2020 Pandemic has been a challenge for all music teachers to say the least; in person bands are done for now - hopefully be back soon. So we've been doing asynchronous ensemble; I'm so proud of the work my students have done - check it out at this Soundcloud page..

Contact me for private lessons in either Manhattan or Queens. Rates on request.